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  • How to buy headphones, play high-quality music

    Music is a topic that will never get overly angry. A good music can make people feel energized, forget about fatigue, forget those unhappy things, and this is the charm of music. And now in this fast-paced life, few people can really stop and sit down and listen to a concert. Mainly rely on headphones to use their own leisure time to calm down beats by dre studio with music under their own mood. How to buy headphones, play high-quality music! Then you usually choose what standard headphones to measure a headset? See instructions on the headset configuration? Or focus on the headset under the bass effect? In fact, these are used to measure the quality beats headphones on sale of a headset on the one hand, in more ways we have to look at the characteristics of this headset, that is to say what I bought the headset is used for? Is it true listening to music or listening to music only occasionally bored? It depends on your choice. Think of yourself in the end to be used to do what, then depends on the headset itself, is to choose to buy a round headphone headset beats by dre or choose to buy a flat headphone, or try it, to try this headset In line with their own style of listening to music, this headset is focused on the bass or focus on the treble it? These can not be understood by mere explanation.

    High bass highlight, give you a feel like being in the music scene. Built-in high-quality driver pronunciation unit, the sensitivity response is better, the sound balanced resistance to listen. Designed with the military industry version of the noise reduction technology to enhance the original beats by dre on sale feel of sound quality, but also can effectively prevent sweat movement into the ear. Sweet appearance, accompanied by an interesting shape, people can instantly ring it. Let the sound quality of the performance level of quality. With bass boys and girls mobile phone headset design high-quality silicone earmuffs, comfortable to wear. Built-in biological fiber composite diaphragm, a broader output sound field, coupled with high-quality tuner tuning, give you a feeling of listening to life.

    2017-12-18 10:09:10
  • Cool cool music equipment, let you enjoy the wonderful music world!

    As a part of our lives, music can not only bring happiness to us, but also relax our mood while we are busy and tense. Good music must be accompanied by good equipment Caixing, music enthusiasts, beats by dre studio nothing is more important than music, there is nothing more than music to give them a sense of security. Of course, listening to music will be persistent high-fidelity music. Cool cool music equipment, let you enjoy the wonderful music world! With the development of science and technology, the devices that people choose to listen to songs are not short changes, cheap beats by dre but with the advent of the smart phone era, listening to music through mobile phones has become the first choice of people. With the increasingly intense market competition, more and more mobile phone manufacturers in order to be competitive in their own products, in more and more functions have been moving in a more professional direction, such as music phones Even so, if you want a Have good sound quality phone, may wish to choose to see Xiaobian's recommendation! Mobile phones have become people watching video, listening to music, essential portable device, resulting in some quiet headset circle has begun to rise waves. As we all know, the same music, different headphones, listening sounds simply different. So, in addition to good quality player, a good headset is really necessary oh ~

    Has a cool appearance and melodies, bringing aesthetic experience, make music more freedom! Using a large size 11mm moving coil unit, and micron-level composite diaphragm. More emphasis on bass performance, Hip-Pop drums of music is very obvious, a kind of direct impact inside the surging momentum. High-frequency voice also has a good degree of separation, structured, rich texture. Unique design with a large nano-coated diaphragm headphone speakers, a reasonable cavity structure, compact metal, beats earphones restore the natural and not distorted sound, solid fairy tales and audio control features, a multi-purpose machine, with no sense of ear wear design Even if you go to exercise it is not easy to fall. Cool pull the hook to carry storage, you can beats by dr dre make the headset hook around the neck, access or placement becomes very easy. Wrap-free fabric headphone cable to keep you smart and tidy at all times. Built-in microphone and remote control let you call no longer need to hold, answer the phone, control the music click to get.

    2017-12-15 10:18:04
  • Sound engineering, how to choose a reasonable audio line?

    In audio engineering, the choice of audio line is indispensable. However, the audio line model specifications are more, according to the use of points, a signal transmission line, microphone line, engineering installation line; according to the number of core points, a single core, double core and multi-core line; 0.1,0.15,0.3 square millimeters and other specifications; according to the density of the shield, there are 96 networks, 112 networks, 128 networks, etc., according to the shield of the network weaving and wrapping type. We can see a great choice, the difficulty is not small. Speaker project, the audio line how to choose? This is because the cheap beats by dre microphone cable, in use often drag, if there is no good protective layer, it is easy to cause the core wire break, while the microphone output signal is small, small interference will affect the signal to noise ratio, so generally To balance the transmission, while requiring low transmission loss, especially for longer distances. In the choice of purchase, we should note that the selection of those thick soft outer skin, double-core, shielded dense, thicker diameter varieties, the length should not exceed 30 meters. Since the audio signal is also mostly small, so in the system, we treat the signal as much as possible. In the long-distance transmission, but also to consider the line loss. So, should choose coarse diameter, 0.3 square millimeters above, double-core wire netting above 128 net.

    These lines, the general core thicker, more dense shielding layer is not too thick protective layer, easy to wear through the connector protection spring, handle, etc., and after silver treatment, easy tin, easy to use. Oxygen free copper is high purity copper. Oxygen-free copper but also distinguish a few N, most of the general is 4 N, a little better is 6 N, advanced is more than 8 N (what is N? Is the purity of copper, a few N Is a few 9, such as 6 N is beats by dre on sale 99.9999%). Therefore, in high-fidelity systems, oxygen-free copper wire are used as signal transmission and speaker cable.

    Get a wire, stripped of the core, if you see the copper wire with a unique light, at the same time interested in bending, feel beats solo soft and paste that is good, whereas the color dim, bending flexibility is not good goods . As for the diameter of the thickness of a look, be a comparison to know. There are shielding, those who use oxygen-free copper, high weaving density is good. In short, you pay for every penny, do not try to save money, use a poor quality wire. At the same time beats by dre wireless not occasionally used wire used. Light, reduce the quality, heavy has become a fault.

    2017-12-13 10:18:18
  • Play video games overcast, not simple sound

    When we started the home theater, we not only focused on product quality and cost performance, beats earphones but also considered the home theater audio as the home entertainment device. Not only the pursuit of multi-channel on-site effects, but also the need to have both the sound quality and singing multi-purpose, In order to be able to buy a satisfactory home theater for good value for money. Amazing with a large horn-tweeter design, which is a symbol of high profile, while the elegant noble red box, coupled with the golden cone sliding fever unit, accurate positioning of tweeters, timbre structured, but also effectively avoid the structural The strength of the phase distortion is hidden. Central voice processing delicate place, as someone talking next to you, like this horror movie will be more prominent, pay attention to your little heart Oh! Strong performance of the spot sound, the use of square structure design, bronze frosted paper basin, thin and rigid material just tough, instantaneous beats headphones cheap response and sense of detail of the outstanding performance. X-bite horn tweeter, give full play to the excellent beats by dre on sale transient response of the horn treble, and real sound detail. Sweet and beautiful vocals, full but not oppressive.

    The use of high-quality high-density sheet, density balance, both inside and outside, so that the sound reached a state of balance, so that the sound quality to the next level. Full range of 5.1 surround sound, whether deaf or whisper mosquitoes or flies, can be a clear income in the ears, the immediate experience of the scene. Regardless of the styling of the wind or the sound of the deduction are called masterpiece, three split design, the sound of each of the details of the sound field, clean separation, so that your surprise for the music endless. The real three-tier split flagship product, according to the United States and sound design, sound more pure, more sweet. Assembly of aluminum-magnesium alloy decorative ring high school speaker unit, and piano paint panels match, giving the noble style of the atmosphere. Respect of the large red wood chamber, the front black panel piano paint, champagne gold and aluminum alloy outer ring cover all speaker units, generous decent. Inverted speaker arrangement design, using a higher-end box technology and speaker technology, beats headphones cheap so that the level of audio playback out quite clear. Bring the sound quality, just like the gentle spring breeze gently brush your face, gurgling streams into your heart.

    2017-12-08 10:20:19
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