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Beats By Dre 2017 Deals & Sales | Headphones, Earphones & Speakers

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If you only want to use the headphone to cancel external noise, ANC only mode automatically increases the level of noise cancellation, for a quieter world.

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Completely redesigned, Powerbeats 2 Wireless revolutionizes the workout experience.

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Pair the Beats Pill to your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to change tracks and adjust the volume from up to 30 feet away.

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  • Scandinavian sound that keeps your ears pregnant

    When we bring up Scandinavia we first think of the generous social welfare system and the many musicians who lead the global music scene. There are a lot of music-loving children's shoes have a kind, put down the beats earbuds work, to do a good visa, hell and high water, go to the ocean, to see this magical land, what kind of sky and land can give birth to so many spiritual musicians . In fact, in music, the Nordic sound in the world also enjoys a high reputation, let's explore it. The appearance of a unique geometric cut design, simple and stylish rich sense of science and technology. With a comprehensive wireless music system featuring the beats headphones cheap iconic treble and MSP bass units, the beats solo pure Nordic sound is always on in your room. Highly respected music enthusiasts, music lovers bring the perfect music experience. Elegant audio cabinet has a simple and small size, using all hand-made, only to show the perfect sound quality. The use of new bass unit technology, making it more pure and natural sound quality.

    With deep technology, superb skills, elegant design conquered generations of musicians. It is equipped with a self-developed damping treble technology to ensure that the pure high-frequency sound quality is not contaminated, is our bedroom and study a good companion. Synonymous with the perfect combination beats by dre of luxury and taste, Weifa small gun Bluetooth speaker pursues the principle of minimalist design, its appearance is like an elegant handbag, a variety of colors available, so that we have a well-deserved protagonist in any occasion . Can also provide the most beautiful music, let the music move freely.

    2017-11-21 10:23:07
  • Music is bound, headphones should have been wireless

    Whether it is in the music on the reliance or work do not want to miss the important calls and messages, wireless headphones have gradually become more and more people more popular object. In fact, the wireless headset technology is now very mature, whether in the practical or sound quality performance are remarkable. If not for the sound quality has high requirements, the whole ear covering headband headphones have it non-election requirements, in fact, want to choose a perfect sound quality and portability of the headset or have a lot of choices. Smooth and slender, in line with the neck structure of the neck hanging design, simple and stylish, natural curvature and let wear more comfortable. User-friendly shortcut button design, the overall operation has become more fast and convenient. Equipped with advanced NFC technology, headphones and other smart devices can be connected together. In the headphone beats by dre cable with a magnetic buckle above the design, can make the storage becomes more convenient, eliminating the wire entanglement trouble. The 9mm high-sensitivity driver unit is configured to support high-resolution beats headphones cheap audio beats headphones on sale and presents a wideband frequency response to you with an optimized diaphragm.

    In-ear headphones designed for sports, with a humanized anti-drop design, soft and comfortable amount of silicone material and ergonomic earplugs, so you exercise more solid and comfortable to wear. User-friendly three-button line control design, you can freely adjust the state of the music player, running away from the cumbersome music equipment. Using the latest NFC technology, you can link your headphone to other smart devices and let you enjoy free music. 45mm large diameter drive unit and the design of the iron triangle bass diversion, give you immersive enjoyment. Composite glass fiber material of the beats by dre sale overall partition, you can effectively avoid vibration when the movement will be the perfect reproduction of clear treble in front of you.

    2017-11-18 10:26:31
  • Essential speakers to listen to music, come to experience the auditory feast!

    Music may cheap beats headphones be the most wonderful thing in this world, because you can find the sound that suits your mood no matter you are happy or sad. Its beauty can not be expressed in words, it can only be realized by heart, and this is why many people love music The reason is. In this era of universal music listening to mobile phones, many people like to maximize the volume, but this will not only make you feel the sound quality is not good, there will be some harsh, the key is the long term will damage hearing Oh ~ so this time , You need is a smart Bluetooth mini speaker! This bluetooth speaker, can be described as 'sound magician', not only very convenient to carry, but it surrounds the 3D stereo, so you enjoy the throbbing music brought to you anytime, anywhere. When we put down the work, about two or three friends out on vacation, bring such a small speaker, so you enjoy the relaxation of the body, the journey has become more enjoyable, and as long as the TA clasped in the bag on the complete ok ~ Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Lightweight portable casual hanging, very suitable for outdoor travel Oh, and it double-click the voice timekeeping feature, allowing you to control their own time beats headphones on sale anytime, full range of dual-horn structure, equipped with bass diaphragm, pure clear sound quality beats by dre sale , Three-dimensional level, bringing you immersive sound! Mini cute Bluetooth speakers, like a pocket watch-like shape, known as the 'pocket' of the subwoofer, the speaker's proprietary skin-style suspension support technology, so that your HI sound burst, and fast charging time, Lasting power, let you listen to a happy!

    Dual speaker multi-function Bluetooth speakers, combined with 'passive membrane resonance' technology, to achieve stunning stereo effect. And with a large capacity lithium battery, 24 hours continuous play, make your trip more enjoyable. It uses vortex lace suspension speaker, resulting in better bass performance, unique digital sound effects break, to create a comfortable listening experience, a small shape with a buckle, wherever you can bring it! Small and cheap beats by dre exquisite army green camouflage small speakers, so you put it down, its portable buckle where you want to hang hanging where. Siamese full-range speaker unit plus low-frequency radiator design, gives you unbelievably good sound quality. When you are tired of working in the office, to a soothing music, always make your mood a moment of quiet. Relaxed at home during the weekend, soak a cup of coffee, listen to a comfortable song, is not very comfortable ~ cost-effective Bluetooth mini speakers, pure color to create a simple glass appearance, bring you fresh visual effects. The use of high magnetic flux density of the full-band magnetic horn, has a strong balance of power and resolution, treble transparent mellow, the frequency level, bring you unexpected good sound quality.

    2017-11-16 10:38:32
  • Burning headphones, closing headphones, headphones ... these also have tips!

    In modern life, wearing headphones has become a new companion lifestyle, listen to songs everywhere beats earbuds can not do without the video. Can not just buy headphones for beats by dre on sale somehow not easy to use what is the ghost, headset "short-lived" What is the reason? How to extend the life of the headset? Quality is not bad headphones, did not fall into the water, but always inexplicable bad use. If the pro headphones often appear this situation, it may be in the following few strokes! Burning machine is the earliest use of a new important part of the headset, the official use of the need for a new headset to work continuously for some time to achieve the best performance of headphones, the best sound quality. Parents do not deliberately burn the headset, you beats by dre sale can listen to radio radio to burn. I heard transferred to the next figure this frequency, burning headphones better! Earphone storage tips To remove the headset from the audio source, pinch the plug together to pull out, must not pull the headset line. Try to adopt the correct method of winding the earphone storage, to prevent the headset line knot, you can also use the reel and other gadgets.

    Tips to maintain the headset have a coup In the headset to do cleaning, small partners should choose a small brush and other cleaning tools to guide the earwax removal, you can also use the soft bristle toothbrush, and then gently cheap beats by dr dre wipe with a handkerchief scarf can not be used hard Cleaning tool. When the headset is idle, the partner should keep the headset in a clean, dry place. At the same time try to avoid overheating or too low temperature use headphones. Look closely, these bad habits of using headphones, Lao Guo seems to have committed, quickly find the correct use and maintenance of the headset, the parents quickly learn ~

    2017-11-14 10:22:34
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