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  • Protect your hearing! Talking about healthy use of headphones

    Time flies, become a professional headset editing blink of an eye has been almost two years, in the past two years, audition used a lot of headset products. As the work needs, every day in the work will be used headphones products, so I also pay special attention to the health problems with the ears. Headphones are a kind of playback equipment, mainly used in people multimedia playback or enjoy music. As the release source and the ear closer, such as improper use, it is easy to cause hearing loss or ear disease. Water can also carry the boat can also be over the boat, the correct use of headset products, allowing users to enjoy the fun of music, on the contrary bad habits will lead to hearing loss and other issues. As people live in the space of the work space smaller, the use of headphones more and more users, this problem is more and cheap beats more serious. This article will talk about the use of headphones, including the headset to buy, use, collection of several aspects, these are the author after the work of some of the experience, we can look together. In addition, if you have any experience with healthy use of headphones, also welcome to publish in the article below the comments with everyone to share. From the market point of view, the vast majority of headset users, the use of portable audio equipment, such equipment to carry convenient, with simple. Of course, since it is the use of portable equipment, most of the time is listening to the outside, if you do not pay attention when used, will cause a lot of problems.

    With the development of the city, noise pollution has gradually attracted people's attention. In the outdoor listening time, people get rid of noise interference problems, most people choose the method is to improve the volume of the headphones, so that the damage to the human ear is very great. The use of headphones caused by hearing loss is the most important reason is the long time the volume is too large, causing the ear can not be restored damage. The city's outdoor noise is no small, and improve the headset volume, it means that the volume of the headset has been even greater than the external noise, the sound of the damage caused by the ear is very obvious. There are two ways to avoid this problem, one is to pay attention to the volume of outdoor listening, the player's volume do not tune beats by dre wireless too much, use this method, the problem is that you can not enjoy too pure music outside, but can have Melody accompanied by it. Another way to solve the problem is to use active or passive noise reduction headphones, these products can beats by dr dre effectively reduce the interference of external noise, improve the quality of the user's outdoor listening. Use active or passive noise reduction headphones, pay attention to the safety of travel. Above mentioned in the active and passive noise reduction headphones, passive noise reduction headphones is the ear ear, this ear is now the market hot spots. For such products, many people think that is harmful to hearing health, and some people think that is intended to ensure hearing, here on a separate description of such products.

    The so-called passive noise reduction technology, refers to the passive way to block the interference of external noise. Ear ear plugs into the ear canal through the ear plugs, effectively preventing the outside noise. Ear earplugs for hearing there is no damage, this should be relative to ordinary earplugs. In the use of earplugs, because the ear earphones than ordinary earplugs can better noise, so as long as a small volume can be able to achieve very good results, from this point of view ear earphones than ordinary earplugs but more Protect hearing. But because of the ear ear plugs into the ear canal part, this on the health of the ear canal caused a great impact. The biggest problem with the ear ear is the health problem, the ear part of the earpiece is to be inserted into the external auditory canal, which can not help but bring some dust and the like debris. Many friends do not use the earbuds when the earplugs will be free to put, this is not desirable, to the ear earplugs to a dedicated portable beats earphones box or portable bag. The second is the ear earplugs is best not to share with others, because it will make the possibility of cross-infection of ear canal disease greatly increased. The last is the earplugs on the ear sleeve is best to regularly clean up or replace. Ear-ear earplugs are revolutionary products of earplugs that can be better protected if used properly, but if you can not maintain the hygiene of earplugs, the damage to the ear is also great. In addition to health problems, the use of ear ear plugs also require users to use a smaller volume, so as to effectively ensure the user's hearing health. A set of mature headphones playback equipment, pay attention to the system with, rather than just concerned about the headset only. Do not pay attention to with the structure, that is, the sound quality of the headset itself does not come out, the actual sense of feeling is the sound of muddy, separated sense of lack of. Faced with this problem, the use of the method to improve the volume is very unwise. In fact, the essence of this problem is the sound source and headset with improper. Headphones such products play sound when the need to sound source to drive, if the sound source thrust is too small, and the headset sensitivity is too low, the impedance is too high, then the effect of headphones naturally come out. In this case, many friends choose to adjust the volume of the big source, in fact, even if the performance of such headphones is only a greater voice, and not come out of the expected effect. How to solve this problem? That is, in the purchase of headset products at the same time with their own source, to the actual attempt, if the player can display a small volume of the music effect, it shows that music and headset with properly. Also in their own audio system, adding amp equipment, is also a good solution. Here to remind the public headset users, with the increase in the amount of volume to enhance the effect of headphones is a significant damage to the hearing of the ears.

    2017-08-16 11:25:55
  • Secret amplifier and speaker the best configuration ratio

    In the field of professional sound reinforcement, the configuration of audio equipment is very elegant, which is the amplifier and speaker configuration is the most important, although some speakers use instructions to the user recommended the power amplifier with a specific grade or model, but still There are limitations, because users often face a lot of models of power amplifier, no way to start.

    Amplifier and speaker configuration involves many aspects, such as power amplifier grades, power tube type selection and low sensitivity speaker should be configured which amplifier and so on. Amplifier and speaker specific configuration, in general, with the designer's experience, hobbies, listening habits and other factors, it is difficult to find a unified standard.

    Sometimes we will encounter some users or designers in order to save money often give speakers to configure a smaller power amplifier, and some users for the so-called "power reserve sufficient" to the speaker configuration a very high power amplifier. Obviously, this is not appropriate. It is important that this configuration will cause damage to the equipment. In the amplifier and speaker configuration, the power amplifier is indeed the key, that is, the power amplifier to determine the principle should be unified.

    We all know that in the hall after the acoustic design, the need to determine the speaker power according to a series of calculations, and then by the speaker power to determine the power amplifier, but whether the two power matching to achieve the best match?

    First of all, in the human ear to listen to the domain of 20Hz ~ 20kHz, the real focus on a large number of energy music signal is generally in the low, frequency band, and high-frequency energy is only equivalent to medium and low frequency energy 1 / So the general speaker treble loss power is much lower than the bass speaker, in order to high and low bass balance; and the amplifier is like a current modulator, its input audio signal under the control of the output size of the different current to the speaker to make the size Different sounds, in a certain impedance conditions, to make the nominal power beats by dre of 200W amplifier to 400W or several times the output is beats earphones actually very easy, but the beats by dre sale amplifier distortion (THD) will be greatly increased, this distortion is mainly produced in the In the low-frequency signal in the high-frequency harmonics, the greater the distortion, high-frequency harmonic energy is greater, and these high-frequency distortion signal will be with the high-frequency music signal into the treble head, which is why low-power amplifier The loudspeaker will cause the loudspeaker.

    And in many people's concept, as long as the power amplifier power, it is possible to burn the speaker. Although some amplifiers are not distorted, but because the device configuration has been inherently deficient, distortion may occur in use, then the distortion indicates that it has lost its meaning. Moreover, due to the user's experience and quality constraints, power amplifier distortion is often easy to be ignored.

    Second, the power amplifier and speaker power configuration and target loudness and the use of the occasion also have a certain relationship. In a certain target loudness, the music signal should be dynamic in each piece of equipment can be fully guaranteed, if the power amplifier is too large, the gain is set very small, loudness has reached the requirements, but then the gain of the amplifier is limited The dynamic range of the signal.

    Therefore, the power amplifier power can not be too large; otherwise, since the waste of spending, will bring loudness and music dynamic can not take into account and the heavy load of the trouble. According to past experience, the general language, music and sound places and large dynamic disco and other places are different. There is a general sound of the signal from the small ups and downs, do not need a long time or soon to provide a large current amplifier to the beats by dre sale speaker, so the power amplifier should be stronger than the requirements of a strong large dynamic amplification of the power of the place to be small;

    In addition, the so-called "power reserve" should also be for the speaker, it is worth noting that the amplifier must be selected by the speaker, there should be no "power reserve" concept to configure the amplifier. In other words, in a certain target loudness, the speaker can be larger than the design value, for different purposes, and the power amplifier should be strictly determined by the speaker, not much flexibility.

    In short, the amplifier and speaker power configuration of the specific criteria should be: in a certain impedance conditions, the amplifier power should be greater than the speaker power, but not too much. In general applications where the amplifier will not be the distortion of the nominal power of 1.2-1.5 times the power; and in large dynamic occasions should be about 1.5-2 times.

    2017-08-15 11:30:20
  • How does the wire affect the sound

    For the role of wire and its characteristics, many articles are discussed from the following aspects:

    Wire metal conductor used in the material and its shape, and its decision characteristics;

    Wire weaving method and its effect;

    Wire materials used in the insulator material, and its characteristics;

    The characteristics of the plug used for wire;

    The values ??of the resistors, capacitors, inductors, and frequency characteristics measured by the instruments produced by the above-mentioned materials and knitting methods, and their corresponding actual sound effects.

    In fact, the center of these articles contains a good transmission of this content to the sound signal. And wire in the sound system in the "impedance transformation", it is my point of view. Of course, it is not really will automatically carry out the impedance transformation, but the wire in the middle of the impedance transition between the two machines, "under the" role of the connection directly affect the sound quality.

    With the above point of view, come to talk about what is the meaning of sound quality. The word "sound quality" is generally the general meaning of the quality of the sound. However, in the audio technology it contains three aspects:

    The pitch of the sound, that is, the intensity and magnitude of the sound;

    The tone of the sound, that is, the frequency of the audio or the number of times per second;

    Sound of the sound, that is, audio overtones or harmonic components.

    Talking about the sound quality of a sound is mainly to measure whether the sound of the three aspects of the above reached a certain level: that is relative to a frequency or frequency band, whether the pitch has a certain intensity, and in the required frequency range, the same volume , Whether the amplitude of each frequency is uniform, balanced, full, frequency response curve is straight: the sound of the pitch is accurate, both faithfully show the source beats earbuds frequency or composition of the original face, the frequency of distortion and phase shift and meet the requirements; Of the overtone moderate, harmonic rich, sounds sound on the beautiful sounds.

    In fact, the above has been mentioned, a certain quality of wire and audio equipment with the accurate transmission of audio signals, will not cause damage to the sound cheap beats quality of the distortion and phase shift and frequency distortion, and can modify the sound, so that music more pleasant. So it can be said that the wire can really change the sound quality of the sound.

    So, what degree does the wire affect sound quality? What are the basics and prerequisites for the full use of wire? Why some people feel the role of wire is not big?

    A lot of headphones, audio enthusiasts, enthusiasts have used wire, and some people also replaced a lot of signal lines and speaker lines, and power lines. Why some people feel that the effect is not, some people even have "follow the trend", "fooled" feeling? Where is the problem? The problem is very simple, the power out of the system did not do well. Specifically, it is the internal AC and DC power supply and equipment used by the external power supply power is not done well.

    The so-called equipment, the internal power supply did not do a good job, more in the low-cost machines. For example, because the stand-alone price is cheap, in order to save or improperly designed, the internal power supply design is simple, using all the way power supply equipment in the multi-circuit, resulting in useful circuits between the various circuits through the power crosstalk, resulting in cross-modulation, , The noise increases even cover up the useful signal, and the effective band of the music is narrowed. At this time, you are put on any expensive wire effect is very obvious. Also, the use of general quality or poor quality of the capacitor, the power transformer capacity is not enough or leakage of magnetic, random power line diameter of the small material is poor, are part of the internal power supply is not good, directly affect the sound quality and line effect. The quality of the internal power supply is not high, for those with electronic knowledge and hands-on ability, you can change the power beats earphones through the motorcycle and other aspects of quality. For those who do not machine, you can only use the quality of decent, the price and moderate Hi-Fi equipment. The so-called external power supply did not do a good job, then the low-cost equipment, especially for advanced audio have an impact.

    ?Do a good job of external power supply, including the special equipment dedicated to the laying of special beats by dre cheap power lines, power cord wire material, diameter, weaving method, length, how to install, where to install very knowledgeable, different equipment has different effects. Also, the power outlet, switches, connectors have different requirements. Especially on the ground, the effect of a great impact on the sound, especially the use of power supply filtering equipment such as isolated power supply, filter power, the ground requirements are higher.

    ?Also special emphasis is that the internal and external power supply is very important, which links should pay attention to, such as the fuse and its contacts are good contact and so on.

    2017-08-14 11:28:01
  • Noise compensation of speaker divider

    Why do we need impedance compensation?

    The voice coil of the loudspeaker is an inductive element whose impedance varies with frequency, the higher the frequency, the higher the impedance of the loudspeaker, and the correct design of the divider is that the impedance of the loudspeaker is constant and the change in speaker impedance The frequency divider has an influence on the frequency divider.

    When the impedance of the loudspeaker connected to a frequency network changes, beats headphones the frequency of the filter frequency of the frequency divider network beats by dr dre will change greatly, resulting in the frequency characteristics of the chaos, so that beats by dre studio the phase characteristics of the event, but also the speaker system frequency response is not flat , The overall performance of the system is affected, so the need for impedance changes with the frequency of the phenomenon of impedance correction.

    We generally compensate for the increase in the impedance of the loudspeaker, the circuit shown in the figure (impedance compensation circuit). The following describes the low-frequency impedance compensation and high-frequency impedance compensation circuit composition principle and calculation formula:

    锟斤拷 low frequency beats by dre sale compensation

    Horn in the bass of the resonant point of the high impedance, the speaker can be connected in series with a series of LCR circuit, so that the series resonant frequency and fo equal to the use of series circuit resonance impedance characteristics of small, reduce the divider load.

    high frequency compensation

    In order to curb high-frequency impedance rise, but also the RC series circuit and then both ends of the speaker

    2017-08-12 11:02:59
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