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  • How to properly maintain headphones

    Bending, oil, bad habits and so on for the mobile phone there is this certain damage, so how to protect your headphones is the door to learn. For those who like to listen to music, the headset is used every day, so the correct maintenance of the headset for the user's personal health and headset audio fidelity are very important. If you still do not know the correct way to maintain the headset, this article can be used as a reference. It is important to be aware of the use of headphones. Even some basic protective measures can affect the life of the headset, such as to avoid the use of high temperature or low temperature, do not pull the headline directly to pull out. Remember, headphones are not as durable as you want. If your headphones are worth a lot of money, you should pay special attention to protection. Dr. Dre reminds us that headphones should avoid contact with liquids or high humidity environments, as this will affect sensitive electronic components in the headphones. Also worth noting is that you should try to choose the earbuds that best fit the ear cheap beats by dre canal to maximize squeezing and pushing. The user should periodically check into the ash and damage. After each long period of use, you should have a quick cleaning of the headset. Some of the headphones are supported to replace part of the components, and if these parts are damaged, you should replace them as soon as possible. Clean the top of the headset, a piece of soft cloth, a little warm water, or then some soap is enough. But the amount of water and soap to be extra careful, you should try to avoid water or soap into the headphones inside the head.

    If it is cleaning the soft cloth can not touch the groove, a dry toothbrush can provide great help. For those cheap beats by dre areas where stains are particularly stubborn, you can use cotton swabs or toothpicks for cleaning. As for the headset line, as long as the regular wipe look like, after all, this part of the cleaning is much simpler. But for headphones plug, you still need to pay special attention to prevent future adverse contact situation. You should store the headphones in a clean, dry area, if possible, pack or bag them. Similarly, the area where the headphones are stored also need to keep the temperature of the matter too high or too low. If the beats solo headset can be folded, you should follow the official guidelines to reduce wear when not in use. Better protection of the headset is not a difficult thing, it will not take up too much of your time, but it can bring long-term effect is obvious. So after reading this article, we may wish to use in the future more attention to the protection of headphones.

    2017-07-21 11:13:08
  • How old is the headset?

    With the popularity of electronic products and mobile phones, headphones have become a lot of people's daily necessities. In the streets, and everywhere you can see pedestrians wearing headphones through, they may be on the phone, perhaps in the song, perhaps listening to the radio. The advantage of wearing a headset is to listen to the sound alone without affecting others; it can also be used to isolate the sound of the surrounding environment, and it is helpful for people who use it in a noisy environment such as recording studio, DJ, travel, sports and so on. In order to meet the various needs of users, headset style, color and function more and more. Even, wearing a headset is not simply use the listening function, more is a trend of the logo, especially for the trend in the front of the fashion people. Although we feel this little thing is very familiar with the headset, but in addition to know the headset listening function, the large number of people for the headset or ignorant. For example, do you know that headphones need to be cleaned regularly? Do you know how to use headphones and headphones correctly? A lot of people never turn off the headphones, anyway, is their own use, do not feel dirty. In fact, the headset is absolutely filthy hardest hit, do not believe you take cheap beats off a headset to take a closer look. Be aware that your ears are filled with earwax, dead skin cells and plenty of bacteria - all of which will be attached to your earplugs. Although the earwax looks super nausea, but it is actually the most harmless. The real problem with earplugs is that their damp and sticky surfaces attract bacteria to grow and grow. After wearing earplugs, the air in the ears is difficult to circulate, the temperature inside the ear rises sharply, and the bacteria on the surface of the earplugs will be so rapidly proliferated. Studies have shown that, after wearing earplugs, the number of bacteria in the ears will increase by 11 times.

    And our fragile skin is particularly vulnerable to the secretion of pores and sebum and the impact of beats by dre hormonal imbalance, so that the slender parts become a place where the filth, causing inflammation of the ear, infection and so on. But each person's ears have their own specific bacteria from (including Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus), which also means that the bacteria in most cases is normal. But if the number of bacteria becomes more than the "threshold" of the body, or if new bacteria enter your ear, it will cause the ear to be infected. beats by dre cheap In addition, the earbuds also get through the contact with other items to obtain bacteria. Think of how much your earplugs have to touch every day, and how many bacteria have picked up your ears. Some people like to share earbuds with others, it is also very dangerous. If someone else's staphylococcus in the ear enters into the wound or hair follicle, and this person is not your partner or family member, it may cause serious skin infections and other problems. Worse still, earplugs also absorb the heat and moisture in the ears, making them a perfect greenhouse for all bacterial growth. If you wear a headset after swimming or fitness, you may increase the risk beats earbuds of ear infections, ear mites, pustules, or otitis media

    How to deal with it? If you frequently use the headset, it is recommended that 75% per week of alcohol on the headset for cleaning and disinfection. Disinfect, make sure to clean off all waxy residue, then use sterile spray or topical alcohol, and then wipe the ear with cotton balls. In addition, after the use of headphones, we have to develop the headset line sweat and other impurities wipe off. What is the secretion of these things, what is the fat, is our ear healthy invisible killer. Do not use headphones, to store it in a clean and dry environment, and only to their own use, try not to cross-use, to avoid cross-infection.

    2017-07-20 11:25:09
  • What is the position, width, and depth of an ideal "sound field"?

    What is the concept of "sound field" in the United States? There are two words related to the sound field, one is "SoundField" and the other is "SoundStage". "SoundStage" mainly refers to the stage of the band arrangement and shape, including long, wide, high, is a three-dimensional concept of space, and we refer to the "sound field" is actually "SoundStage", because if the "SoundStage" Into the "sound of the stage" or "sound" which really can not let people rumors. As for "SoundField", in fact with the "sense of space" corresponds. Thus, when we refer to the "sound field shape", it actually refers to the shape of the band in which your equipment is regenerated. Due to the frequency response curve is not evenly distributed and the impact of the speaker (such as the width of the room is greater than the depth or depth greater than the width), the sound of the sound field is actually more or less with the original recording of the situation is different The Some sound field shape is four or four square, no arch concave and concave. The different shapes of the sound field are certainly not in conformity with the original recording.

    A noteworthy problem: the band is arranged in the width of the depth is greater than the depth; but in the studio, in order to produce a sound effect, the orchestral arrangement will often change, usually deep will be elongated, especially percussion Put it farther. This is not what we see in the concert hall in the arrangement. The position of the sound field should include the front and rear of the sound field, high and low. With some of the improper equipment will make the whole sound field sounds like floating in the air; some sounds like it is sitting on the second floor of the concert hall to watch the same stage. There are many reasons for the formation of the sound field, such as the placement of the speaker, the frequency response of the uneven have a great impact. An ideal sound field position should be what? We can listen to a symphony orchestra playing the way to experience. When the orchestra is playing, the violin and the cello's voice should be made from a relatively low level, and the violin is slightly higher than the violin and the cello; the orchestra should be low before the record, like a brass instrument Most likely in a higher position. For the height of the entire sound field we can use the following method to determine: the sound field height should be slightly lower than you sit when the height of two heads. In other words, the violin should be above the line of sight, the cello, the bass should be below beats by dre sale sight. The brass pipe is at least taller or higher than the violin. Senior friends know that the front panel should be in the speaker to pull a straight line and then extend the distance within a distance. Of course, this ideal sound field position is not achievable because it has a great relationship with your sound, listening to the environment and playing the software. In general, it is easier to extend from the front panel of the speakers, but you can not "shrink" too much. If the shrink after too much, as some enthusiasts beats by dre say "straight to the street" is wrong. When we can often hear the burning friends boast: "My sound field is not just beyond the speaker, or even break the wall out." This sentence in the layman heard, is simply fantasy. And for experienced friends, but only a little exaggeration only. Usually, in the performance of pop music, you can occasionally hear the instrument sounded outside the speaker; cheap beats by dre and in classical music, you often feel that the orchestra's width has exceeded the width of the two speakers, which is beyond the speaker, Wide side wall.

    As for the broken wall, it is necessary to rely on a little imagination. At least, with the imagination of the eyes can see the sound field position is considered the real sound field, the wall of things we can not see, we are hard to sure it is there. So, the width of the sound field is only within the wall only. This feeling you can just from the first 1812 prelude to experience. If you hear the 1812 Overture, the sound is tight in the middle of the two speakers and not beyond the speaker on both sides of the words, then you'd better ask a knowledgeable person to give you the sound diagnosis to see where it is out of trouble The The depth of the sound field is what we often say "depth", "depth" is different from the "sense of hierarchy", "positioning", because the level and positioning and sound field is not much relationship, and depth sense is still the scope of the sound field. Like the width of the "sound field", many people will say that his home sound depth has long been broken out of the wall, deep to the street. This is of course only a self-satisfied adjective. The real "sound field depth" refers to the distance between the foremost instrument and the last line of instruments in the sound field. In other words, it is likely to refer to the distance between the violin and the drum, timbre. "Wide to the neighbors, deep on the street" This should be included in the "sense of space", the problem to be discussed in the future we have. Some equipment or the environment due to the low frequency or low frequency too much, so the drum and the fixed position will be some of the agitation, then, the depth of beats earphones the sound field of course, poor.

    On the other hand, some sound field position backward, the result was mistaken for the depth of the sound field is very good, in fact, it is wrong. I think you must have seen a band will be arranged in a vertical bar, as long as you grasp the "violin to the timpani, the distance between the drums," the concept, you will be able to accurately say the depth of the sound field.

    2017-07-19 11:25:46
  • Fashion influx of people out of the street must be enough to find enough to taste enough tones

    For those who often go out to the streets of the friends, the natural than the total nest at beats by dre studio home friends pay more attention to fashion sense, no matter what age-level people will focus on the dress outside, young people love to listen to music, then the headset is not only They appreciate the music of the tool, also became a part of the decoration of their own. Classic low-end wearing products, headphones on one side of the shell for polishing, the biggest feature of the headset is that the other side of the shell can be used to replace the graffiti panel design, headset box with more pairs of color, easy to user Replace the use.

    Earplugs round the shape, the shell after polishing, bright and clean; cheap beats its use of double color, the beats earbuds appearance looks very stylish. This earbuds in the wire on the integrated line of the microphone, from the call sound is clear, often with the phone to listen to music friends have brought the convenience of the call. Headset wire is also wrapped in rubber material, can effectively avoid damage to the wire, the details of the design intimate. Fashion post-hanging communication earplugs, located in the mobile phone to listen to out, and compatible with beats earphones iPhone use. This headset is the most personalized place to replace the panel color design, the headset comes with a number of different color paper can be replaced, and we can also design their favorite patterns into the ear shell, give users free play space Larger. Post-hanging ergonomic design, stylish, comfortable to wear, this headset wire integrated on the wire-controlled microphone, the call sound is clear, very suitable for sports use.

    2017-07-18 11:15:53
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